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Teaching you to be a powerful person raising your psychic ability with two experienced teachers


Opening of the chakras with the lilly illuminating what is hidden.


If your rebuilding your clairvoyant ability or if your just beginning, this event is for you!  Full on package that’s why it’s The Tool Bag all the tools required For you to build your skills. 

Event 25 Sept to 28th Sept 2020

A weekend of short workshops covering meditation, auras, scrying, psychic readings, mediumship readings, psychic protection, altered states, and more.

Working together

Building strengths within your group helping each other to find your hidden abilities 

Pricing promo

This event is priced at £430 which includes transfers from the airport. All meals are covered in the cost along with accommodation in this idealistic setting. If you are living in the area and would like to join the group the cost is £250 without accommodation and you bring along your own pack lunch. 

New Location

we are a new location here In South West France  for the psychic events run by Jo Bradley, 


Flights to bordeaux from London Stansted via Ryanair.

Flights to Bordeaux from London Luton Via  Easyjet

You are responsible for paying and booking your flight. 



With a warm welcome we embrace the teachings of the spiritual journey and work together with you to follow your path. Jo and Lesley are accomplished in their field and we know you will not be disappointed .

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For questions or requests for customized readings, please send me a message. I will get back to you soon.


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